​ What will you learn?
 You will develop skills, which will enable you to help clients establish and ultimately achieve their personal goal in life.
Learn coaching Fundamentals, understand the difference between coaching Mentoring and Therapy.

 Practice coaching skills be coached by your peers, observe
A coaching demonstration leave with a series of tools and techniques that will make a signification difference to your own life discover how coaching skills can make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of others and as business will for you.

 Classic Home study:
 This is our 'professional'' home study course, which is perfect if you would just like to study online and deign a brand new career as a certified coach. The course work involve a series of aspect in coaching the subject list is. Life Empowerment coaching, Health & wellness coaching, Career coaching, Emotional Intelligence coaching, Communication coaching.

Relationships coaching, Self Esteem coaching, Grife & loss coaching.
Parenting Issues coaching, Executive coaching. Ethical code of conduct.
Goal setting, Career planning and development, Overcoming set back

 1.The structure of coaching session, An approach to Coaching Process
  2. Strategies to Assist Clients in Self- Exploration.
  3. Intervention (1) and (2)
   4.Marketing and social media strategies.
​    5. Practical skills Assessment, Practice client sessions
    6. Written exams consists of multiple choice question, drawn from the Coaching Psychology Manual. You will be evaluated on 100 questions and a score of 80/100 or higher is a passing grade. Allotted written exam time is 180 minutes (3 hours). Videos and podcast live

 Written exam questions are presented randomly in the exam, and the graded questions have the following distribution:

 Your started package kit include your Professional Certification, Clients intake forms, Practice client worksheets, Tips and a lot more plus   FREE BONUS gifts.
Also your credit card forms and how to set up PayPal account.
information your guideline and policy .
  The course  just 8 weeks  and only $1200.00. Here will becoming a professional coach. But you pay $799.00 (save $401.00)

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Training Workshops , Coaching & Motivational Speaker Certification:
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 Only if permission is granted to download or copy any information from this website.

  Our Speaking Certification:

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 Our Speaker package include.

 Business writing Communication and presentation. Developing public speaking skills

 Success strategies, Leadership skills, Human resources training and development, Speaking Anxiety, How to select your topic, written exams questions are presented randomly. 
 You will be evaluated on 100 questions and a score of 80/100 or higher is a passing grade.
 Allotted written exam time is 180 minutes (3hours) also videos and podcast live

 Build multi-dimensional business module
 How to become public figure and Celebrity
 Setting the right benchmarks, Identifying your specific strength and weaknesses.

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 Your tuition step by step. Business blue print to guide you through. you will not be a copy off of someone but will become a matter of the game.

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