JoyAnn Roett- O'Connor the founder of . Positive Break for more the than 20 years she has been reaching out  and changing life not only in here communities but round the world. This passion of hers started long time ago at the age (6) she would go into her Pop who is her great- great Ant shop and take  bread and share with the less fortunate, again at age 15   she stand by corner of her street preached the words of God not realize the good she was doing in the communities.

Author of several books, Radio host of Shelby Wellness. International Speaker,  Founder of the GregJoy of Fatherless and Motherless Children. JoyAnn is multi-talented with strong experience in several talents that help individuals define success, living a purposed life, and following their dreams. 

Education and Certification are as follows:
Bachelors degree in Business Management
Associate degree in Paralegal
Associate degree in Childcare Management
Ordained Minister Certification
Certification in Life Coaching 

Her mission has a coach is to change life's one at a time.
Her goals in speaking is to inspire business owner and their employee to visualize and creative ideas.

The ability to maintain a free spirit and cultivate her confidence are her strong points. She has been deeply involved in feeding the homeless and also in a national quest to stop homelessness. She is the voice for the underdog  and children's justice. Her recent years have been spent working in the communities that are most affected by poverty.

JoyAnn's story:

I think back on my life and see how much abuse I suffered at the hands of my spouse, I know what it feels like to be abused there was a time when I was pregnant with my second child and found myself homeless, and didn't know where to go or how to survive, I didn't even know where my (8) year old son or myself would find shelter oftentimes I thought God had abandoned us and many times I felt like giving up.

But I heard my Pop's who is my great- great Aunt's voice in my head telling me to hold on. My mother would always say "Your last name starts with 'R for a reason it means you're rooted deep down in the ground​ like a nutmeg tree. God has not forgotten you, he has a plan".

I was definitely dreaming then with no evidence of that ever being possible. But I had a vision and made it happen. Not because I needed to be famous, but because someone out there is where I was. I felt my purpose is to let people know that they are not alone, that everything is possible though God. And there is nothing he can't do.

You feel that God has forgotten you but I am here to tell you something big is about to happen in your life there is change coming. Hold on , and hold tight it doesn't matter how high the water gets just hold your breath and keep your head up high.

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